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Don’t let breakouts wear you down. We are here to help you beat those pimples!



Surfaced acne and whiteheads


18 transparent patches: (10mm x 9 + 12mm x 9)


2299 in stock

Kiss your spots goodbye – We made getting rid of that pimple and its Cyst-ers, simple!


At Uncover Skincare, we care about your concerns… you ask and we listen. That’s the  reason we created the first invisible, hydrocolloid pimple patches in Kenya infused with key acne fighting ingredients. 

I Am Spotless” pimple patches shrink pimples faster, reduce inflammation, protect the pimple from external irritants and prevent you from popping or picking your pimples, preventing acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. These game changing pimple patches have advanced hydrocolloid gunk sucking technology. 

The transparent hydrocolloid patch can be applied to the pimple in the day or night & can even be used under makeup. Leave the pimple patches on for about 6 hours to absorb the impurities and suck out gunk. Once the pimple patch turns white, replace it with a new one if needed.  

‘I AM SPOTLESS’ Pimple Patch is an awesome addition to your daily skincare regimen!

Why do you need this product?

The Pimple Patch is an innovative skincare solution that heals pimples by covering them with an advanced hydrocolloid gunk sucking technology. 

  • Shrinks pimples faster 
  • Prevent you from touching and scarring 
  • Absorbs pus from pimples 
  • Protects pimples from outside irritants or bacteria  
  • Ultra-thin tapered edges: easy to use & hard to spot  
  • Gentle & non-drying
  • Can be used on the face & body


Salicylic Acid – A top acne-fighting ingredient that unclogs pores and dissolves skin debris including dirt and excess oil.

Centella Asiatica – This powerful K-beauty ingredient is a leafy green herb that has been used for centuries in Korea, full of antioxidants and soothing properties. It helps to heal, restore and strengthen the skin barrier and reduce inflammation.

Hydrocolloid – A breathable yet waterproof agent, which means it can eradicate your pimple while reducing the risk of drying out your skin. Hydrocolloid absorbs oil trapped under your skin while protecting the zit from the external environment.



How To Use


What is a Pimple Patch?

Pimples patches are tiny circular hydrocolloid sheets that have an adhesive which can absorb excess fluids surrounding a pimple, such as oil and pus. Our pimple patches are infused with acne-fighting Salicylic acid and soothing Centella asiatica

How does the Pimple Patch work?

Pimple patches create a protective seal over the skin as well as absorb excess oil, pus, and fluid that surrounds a pimple. By doing so, a pimple is able to heal faster.

How do I use the Pimple Patch?

Pimple patches can be used directly on a pimple as they have an adhesive that can easily be placed on your skin.

How long should I leave it on for ?

You can leave a pimple patch until it turns opaque, which is an indication that it has sucked out the impurities from your skin. This could mean 12 hours for some while 24 hours for others. However, it is not recommended to leave a pimple patch on for more than 24 hours. You can replace the pimple patch as many times as needed until the flare up has eased.

What are the ingredients?

The I Am Spotless Pimple Patches are made from Hydrocolloid, which is a plant based material and infused with soothing Centella Asiatica (CICA) and acne-fighting Salicylic Acid. Made from just 3 ingredients, these pimple patches are biodegradable..

What is hydrocolloid?

Hydrocolloid is a biodegradable gel-forming agent that can absorb moisture and oils when applied on the skin.

What is Can the pimple patches help hyperpigmentation?hydrocolloid?

Pimple patches don’t directly reduce hyperpigmentation, but they help prevent it by protecting the pimple from us picking them, which leads to scarring. The scarring is what leads to hyperpigmentation, but with that taken out of the equation, there is reduced hyperpigmentation.

How many patches can I use on the same pimple?

One patch is good enough for one pimple.Replace the pimple patch as many times as needed.

Can I reuse a pimple patch?

Reusing a pimple patch is not recommended.

What kind of pimples does the pimple patch work best on?

Pimple patches work best on surface-level acne such as pus-filled pimples and blackheads but are not effective for cystic acne. For cystic acne, please consider visiting a dermatologist.

Can I use your pimple patch on a pimple that has already popped?

Yes, using a pimple patch on a popped pimple means protecting the pimple from scarring as well as ensuring that the pus and oil around the pimple does not spread to other areas on the skin.

Why are there two sizes of the pimple patches?

The size of each pimple patch was carefully measured and cut to fit all pimples, whether small or big.

Can I use it on my body and not just my face?

Of course, pimple patches can be used anywhere on the body.

Can I wear them out and about?

These transparent pimple patches are easy to carry with you and hard to spot. So if you feel a zit popping up mid-day, or need to replace a patch they would prove to be a handbag essential. .

Where does it fit in my skin routine?

Pimple patches should be used on clean and dry skin. Once you cleanse, pat your skin dry and apply the pimple patch over the pimple. It’s important to ensure that the skin is dry as the adhesive on the pimple patch should gently be able to settle on the pimple.

Can I put makeup over it?

We suggest that if you use makeup, to use it around the patch and not over it to ensure that the pimple patch does not move out of its place.

Can you see the pimple patch on my skin tone?

Since the pimple patches are transparent, you will not be able to see it.

Are your pimple patches compatible with my current skin condition? Is it safe to use?

Pimple patches are compatible with all skin types and conditions and are completely safe to use.

Can I use it if I am pregnant?

While using a pimple patch is safe during pregnancy, our recommendation is to speak with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Can I wear the pimple patch in public?

Of course! It’s the perfect way to cover up your pimples in public. And the nice thing about pimple patches is that they are barely noticeable on the skin.

Is the pimple patch waterproof?

The I Am Spotless pimple patches provide a waterproof barrier. A protective film on the outer side of the patch protects the patch and your pimple from outside factors like dirt, sun, and water.The sticky side does not have that same film, for the reason that it is meant to absorb moisture (impurities) coming out of the pimple. This makes one side water absorbent, but the other side water resistant.

Are they biodegradable?

Yes! Our pimple patches are made of Hydrocolloid which is a plant-based material, meaning these patches are compostable as well as biodegradable!

Who formulates the products?

Our pimple patches are formulated at a skincare lab in South Korea.

Where are they made?

Our pimple patches are made in South Korea..


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  1. One person found this helpful
    Alexis Lisa Aswani

    Insanely Good Product

    Alexis Lisa Aswani

    I don’t usually have bad acne but over the past year I’ve had frequent individual pimples pop up all the time and I keep picking at them because of my anxiety. The patches really helped curb that. I’ve used three so far on separate pimples, some during the day and one at night and the day ones worked well but the night one ? I guess it had more time to work and less disruption from things like sweat. I woke up and it had completely pulled out a developing pimple and closed the wound. I’m extremely impressed ??

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  2. Sneha

    Actually works!!


    I used a pimple patch on a ripened pimple overnight and the next day the pus was on the patch. Amazing amazing product!

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  3. Funmilayo


    Funmilayo (verified owner)

    This is honestly one of my favorite skincare products already. If you’re notorious for picking at your pimples, this will be your savior. It’ll work on them disappearing while stopping you from touching them. This is a must have product ??

    (0) (0)

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  4. Isabella Tenai

    A promise delivered

    Isabella Tenai (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical about buying the pimple patch and was ready for the disappointment. Tried it as I had pimples popping up and left it overnight, it actually pulled out the gunk!
    I love the way I am helped to stop picking and rubbing on those zits! Great product there, thank you.

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  5. Irene

    Irene (verified owner)


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  6. Shakainaer

    Best purchase ever


    Literally saw results within the first 2-3hrs. When I peeled the pimple patch, it had completely cleared up. Definitely gonna stock up on it??
    Completely satisfied with the results

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  7. Jackie Nderitu


    Jackie Nderitu (verified owner)

    I have tried lots of pimple patches. This is the real deal. These work very quickly. In my experience the patch sucked out all the gunk overnight. am so amazed. Highly recommend.

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  8. Angie

    Works Like Magic

    Angie (verified owner)

    I bought the pimple patch for my brother & he vouches for it 100%.Within a day his large pimple had been drained of all the pus.I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

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  9. Shreya

    It's a good product

    Shreya (verified owner)

    I love it for those pimples that are ready to pop but it doesn’t really help with those that aren’t.

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